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Basic Sofa Cleaning Tips to Follow

Your couches and upholsteries go through a lot of use and abuse. Your kids and pets don’t use sofas just for sitting; it is their playground and dining table as well. Your sofas are bound to get dirty at regular intervals with food spills, dirt, and stains.

However, a bad cleaning can ruin your good sofa. So, what should you do? Relying on a professional sofa cleaning London is one way of keeping your couches in great condition. The experts know the sofa materials and apply the right cleaning technique for removing dirt.

However, hiring sofa cleaners London at frequent intervals isn’t a feasible option for many. Therefore, we have suggested some of the most helpful tips that can help you in keeping your sofas clean for a long time.

Basic Things You Should Know

Before proceeding with cleaning tips and tricks, there are a few basic things every owner should know about their sofas like their material, ideal cleaning techniques, safety equipment, cleaning solvents, and so on.

Know Your Couch Material

Those who bought their couches from the showroom are aware of the material. However, if you are an owner of a second-hand sofa, then you can have a hard time identifying the couch material. When in doubt, just check the labels on the couches for information. Else you can always rely on sofa cleaners London for inspection and identification of your couch fabric.

There are certain codes mentioned on the labels of the couches that indicate the best cleaning method for the fabric. These codes are-

  • W- Means, water-based. You can use water-based cleaning solvent for cleaning such couches.
  • S- Indicates dry cleaning method. The couch material should be dry cleaned and water should be avoided at all costs.
  • X- This means vacuum cleaning. You should only use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning such couches and fabrics.
  • O- This sign indicates organic fibers. You need to use cold water for cleaning natural fiber-based sofa materials.

Gather the Right Cleaning Equipment

After identifying your couch material, you should gather the necessary supplies for cleaning at home. Invest in the cleaning solvent based on your couch fabric, like dry cleaning powder, water-based cleaning solvent, organic fiber cleaners, stain removers, and so on.

In case you have leather couches, then your cleaning supplies will include leather conditioners as well. You should also pay attention to the cleaning devices and tools. Feel free in investing in a good vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to get professional sofa cleaning services London-like results.

Basic Sofa Cleaning Tips

Using water and cleaning solvent for couches is necessary when you want to deep clean them. However, before deep cleaning, you should take care of the dirt at the surface level and get rid of stains. Here’s how you can do it:

Clean Surface Dirt

Dead skin cells, food crumbs, soils, and pet dander is the first thing you need to remove from your couches. Use your vacuum cleaner for this purpose along with an upholstery attachment.

Run your vacuum cleaner throughout the couches gently. Remember to vacuum the cushions and corners of the couches as well. Feel free to turn over the couches, if you have help around.

Regular surface cleaning can keep your couches clean and hygienic for a long time. Your need of availing sofa cleaning services London regularly will get reduced with weekly vacuuming.

Additionally, you can keep your family safe from allergens that settle inside the fabrics. Improve your quality of life by regularly vacuuming your sofas.

Treat Those Stains

Stains on the couches must be removed before you proceed with deep cleaning. Here are some common sources of stains and how you can treat them:

  • Beverages: Stains caused by coffee and tea can be pretty stubborn to remove. However, you can try soaking the upholstery in cold water. If the label says “dry clean only,” you can use a paper towel as a blotter if the stain is fresh. Else call your sofa cleaners London for assistance.
  • Greasy Stain: The sooner you deal with grease, the better. Apply a suitable detergent and leave it to soak for a while. Make sure to use extremely hot water so that the detergent can get to work right away.
  • Tomato Stain: Using a moist cloth, gently blot the fabric if you drop tomato puree or alcohol on it. Let the cloth sit for half an hour in cold water with a little detergent.
  • Mud Stains: Once the mud stains have dried, they are easy to remove. So, allow it to sit for a time. Using a soft plastic scraper, gently scrape the spot away. You could use your child’s toy knife.

Deep Cleaning Tips for Different Sofa Fabrics

Leather- after you vacuum the couch, make sure to dab the surface with a liquid soap and water solution. Dry your couches immediately and avoid overwetting.

Cotton- You can wash cotton upholstery once a month. Just use mild detergent and water for cleaning them. Avoid exposing it to harsh sunlight as it can lead to color fadedness.

Suede- Suede naturally resists stains and spots. However, you can vacuum them regularly or use a water soap solution for treating stains.

Velvet- For cleaning velvet couches you should adopt the dry cleaning method. Use a store-bought dry cleaning powder and extract it using a vacuum cleaner. Feel free to avail professional sofa cleaning London!


Keeping your couches and upholsteries clean is easier said than done. However, you can try these tips for keeping your couches effortlessly clean. Feel free in availing services for professional sofa cleaning London at least twice a year.

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